Slab Repair

Foundation Slab Repair

Slab repair will restore your concrete’s strength. Your new slab will be stronger than it ever was.

Slab repair will restore your concrete stronger than it ever was.

Concrete may be one of the toughest materials known to mankind, but interestingly it is also one of the easiest materials to crack. The snowball effect that forms from the foundation is the root of this problem.

Slab repair most commonly occurs when the foundation that supports the floor is in bad condition. The same way that highway streets get damaged by the consistent weight of vehicles constantly driving over it, concrete slab gets damaged by the constant weight of the house and other entities that it is supporting.

Weather conditions and other irregularities caused by nature unfortunately assist in this damage occurring sooner than later. Reinforcement is done by positioning rebar within the form-work before the concrete is poured to ensure stability.

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