Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair

Every crack in foundation is unique

Foundation Crack Repair

This is what a crack in your foundation looks like before and after repair.

A severely cracked foundation in Earthquake Country is much like driving fast on a freeway without a seatbelt and without any brakes. Having a cracked foundation is extremely dangerous and leaves your entire investment at risk. So Weinstein Construction offers Foundation Crack Repair services.

At any moment, the “Big One” can strike, causing your home to completely crumble or fall off the entire foundation from a variety of different causes.

An expert from Weinstein Construction can determine exactly where the cracks and how they developed. There is a variety of different kinds of cracks, just as there are different foundation repair methods to fix them, and Weinstein Construction can help you with all types and severities.

A basic crack repair can consist of simply fixing a hairline crack using epoxy injections and metal straps. When it comes to bigger cracks, an entire foundation wall may need to be replaced. The new wall is built with rebar to provide your home with the best protection. All of these options will allow you to sleep better at night, knowing your home is as safe and secure as it can be.

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