Do I Need Caissons?

  • Is Your Home Built on a Hillside?
  • Do You Own an Apartment?
  • Do You Own Commercial Space?
  • Retaining Wall Up to Par?
  • Loose Dirt and/or Rocks?
  • Lots of Pressure and Weight That Needs Support?

Are you looking for strong foundation support?

Foundation Caisson

Then you have come to the right place! Caissons, or are the PERFECT way to protect your property from the largest of loads. There are a variety of different uses for caissons. They are used by everyone from the basic home or commercial building owner, all the way to the city contractor that constructs freeways and bridges.

Caissons are known for being able to support extremely heavy loads. They are normally used for: Supporting Bridges & Underpasses, Foundation Support, Preventing Hillside Damage, and Structure Support Applications

Caissons Produce the Strongest Support That You Can Give to Your Home’s Foundation!

Caissons are often referred to as a pile foundation because of the pile of dirt that forms after digging into the ground. Caissons are built deep into the ground and then drilled into solid rock that is covered with concrete. When the soil around your home moves, your home will not move with it. When your home is supported with steel that goes so deep into solid ground, you can be confident that your investment is secure.

The depth of bedrock varies depending on the location. Sometimes bedrock is only a foot below the ground, while in other areas it can be up to 15 feet deep, sometimes even deeper. Caissons go even deeper because they are drilled 2-5 into the bedrock.

Caissons may be essential for homes built on hillsides. Not only do they keep your investment safe, but they keep everyone inside of the home safe as well. Mudslides and landslides are very likely to happen when you live on or close to a hillside.

Erosion is a problem that hillside homeowners must deal with. When water, dirt, and other debris come down the hillside it causes erosion. Over time, the erosion gets worse and your property can face some very serious damage.

Retaining Walls are used to block the different slides and erosion from damaging your home. However, the pressure can be so strong that even the wall may need support. Caissons are used to give extra support to the retaining walls. This will make sure that your home is safe and that it will not be sliding away with the forces of Nature!

Caissons are so strong that they are used to support the weight from all the cars and trucks that drive on the freeway. If caissons are used to hold up bridges and freeways, think about how much support your home or building will have!

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    How Are They Made?

    Caissons are deep foundation supports that are constructed by placing fresh concrete and reinforcing steel into a drilled shaft. They are constructed by placing fresh concrete and reinforcing steel into the drilled shaft. These reinforced concrete piles are cast in holes of predetermined diameters and depths drilled through soil and rock to the desired bearing stratum.

    This strong and massive caisson is then lifted in the air in order for it to be placed into the ground. The caisson is then gently placed into the hole with added support. After this is all complete, the hole is then ready for concrete to be poured in.