House Bolting

Slab Bolting

House Bolting: We keep the foundation grounded.

Securing a home to the foundation is very similar to the rope that a rock climber uses. A house has no safety net when it is not properly bolted to the foundation.

The problem with earthquakes is not that the ground beneath your home opens up and swallows it. In fact, the ground after most earthquakes appears to be intact and solid.

Another problem is that the shaking causes your home to slide from one side to the other, and it essentially rips away from the foundation.

Rather than relying on the home’s weight and a few nails to secure it to the foundation, house bolting uses special braces and hardware to secure the home to the foundation and stop lateral movement from occurring.


house bolting Foundation Plate

Installed on the top or the bottom part of the mudsill.


house bolting Foundation Stud Anchor

Installed to the top floor joist and the bottom part of the foundation.


house bolting TandLStraps

Installed to tie weak wood members together.

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