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23 February

How do I know if my building needs to be earthquake protected?


It is not always easy to tell if your building needs earthquake retrofitting. Depending on what type of building you have, and when your structure was built, it may not have proper earthquake protection (e.g., braced cripple walls, anchor bolts, or reinforcing of crawl spaces) . If your commercial property was once an older home, then you may be especially vulnerable. But no matter what [...]

How do I know if my building needs to be earthquake protected?2021-10-03T03:25:03-07:00
23 February

How much does earthquake retrofitting cost?


The cost of commercial retrofitting depends on the building in question, as well as the problems that the building is manifesting. You can always be sure of one thing: there is no doubt that the cost of having a building repaired after it is damaged in an earthquake is much more than having the same building retrofitted before an earthquake hits. If you don’t retrofit, [...]

How much does earthquake retrofitting cost?2021-09-02T19:47:31-07:00
23 February

How long will it take to retrofit my building?


The answer to this question varies, as it depends on the size of your structure and the nature of the structural weaknesses found, if any. Look, we are keenly aware that you are running a business and that your time and resources are valuable. We will make sure to give you valuable insight into any potential problems we find, and if you choose us for [...]

How long will it take to retrofit my building?2021-09-23T18:52:46-07:00
23 February

Do I need a permit to service my building?


Yes. A permit is typically needed to service a commercial property. Weinstein Construction professionals always make sure that all the proper permits are pulled before we begin a job. We will be glad to take care of this entire process for you, unless you would like to do it on your own.

Do I need a permit to service my building?2021-09-02T19:35:20-07:00
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