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6 April

Do I need Engineering and Permits to build Caissons?


Yes, building caissons is definitely not a “Do It Yourself” activity, and you will need to get a qualified, experienced contractor to do this work.  You will also need a competent engineer to design the caisson system, and inspect the work after its completed.  The City’s building inspector will also inspect the work.  In short, you will need experts such as the professionals at Weinstein [...]

Do I need Engineering and Permits to build Caissons?2021-09-19T19:58:33-07:00
6 April

What is the difference between a Caisson and a Pile Foundation, or a Pier Foundation?


There are many types of caissons construction (e.g., excavated, box, open, floating, etc.) and they are generally structures built above ground, then sunk below ground and filled with reinforcing steel and cement concrete.  There are also many types of piles (e.g., end-bearing piles, friction piles, anchor piles, compaction piles, etc.), and they are generally columns of material which are driven into the ground by a [...]

What is the difference between a Caisson and a Pile Foundation, or a Pier Foundation?2021-09-27T19:07:02-07:00
6 April

Are Caissons expensive?


Interestingly, the price for caissons can vary depending on the expertise of the contractor who is building it as well as the availability of the contractor’s equipment and materials used on the job (i.e., having the right equipment and materials on-hand).  Contractors who are experienced in building caissons often provide customers with a better price.  Weinstein Construction professionals are expert caisson builders, and can design [...]

Are Caissons expensive?2021-09-02T19:29:19-07:00
6 April

What are Caissons?


Caissons (or piers) are a type of a deep foundation, whereby a hole is excavated in the ground, and a reinforced steel structure is built above ground level, and is then sunk into the hole.  Cement concrete is then poured into the caisson to add strength, durability, and weight.  Caissons can be a good way to secure a foundation to bedrock for hillside homes or [...]

What are Caissons?2021-09-02T19:51:49-07:00
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