10 October

Israel 2023


Dear clients and friends: I write to you today with a very heavy heart. I suppose I found a way to write the first sentence of this letter, but I’ll be honest and tell you that it is difficult to continue writing. And I am sure you know why. Over the past few days, I’ve received multiple phone calls and emails from former and current [...]

Israel 20232023-12-08T06:05:05-08:00
9 October

Ukraine 2023


Dear clients and friends: I hope this letter finds you and your family healthy and safe! As many of you know, a number of times a year I send you a letter with heartfelt holiday blessings. I typically try not to send too many letters but after what we’ve all seen in the past ten days, I felt like I simply had to write to [...]

Ukraine 20232023-12-08T06:04:56-08:00
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