The future home of the football teams from Los Angeles Rams and Chargers has hit a major construction milestone.

Today, “topped out” the Inglewood venture, a phrase used to mean that the stadium’s highest steel beam was put in place.

The plan has now been completed by almost 40 percent. Concrete columns and other components are now being constructed at the site that will ultimately support the glossy, translucent canopy of the building.

The 120-yard video monitor, Oculus, which runs along the top of the field just below the roofline, is not yet installed.

According to Hollywood Park’s LA Stadium and Entertainment District, the stadium, which is expected to cost $2.6 billion, is on track to open in the summer of 2020 as the 298-acre land which houses the future stadium and the massive area that will spring up around it is named. It is expected that the group will open in stages beginning in 2020.

Not long after it opens, the stadium will be forced into the national spotlight, not only as the largest and most expensive football stadium to date, but also as the host of the 2022 Super Bowl (not as once expected the 2021 event).