Your home is one of your biggest assets.  Which is why choosing a knowledgeable and reliable foundation contractor is of the most importance.  It is not only picking the contractor that seems friendly at first interaction, there are many factors that should go into making an informed decision.

How Many Years in Business?

The first thing to check into is experience.  A contractor that has considerable years in the business is skilled and knowledgeable.  They will have the experience to correct problems that are currently within your home and be able to correct the ones that may arise once construction begins.

The second part of the years in business is the reputation of the company.  A company that has been in business for years normally has good reputation, and they are trusted in the community.

Ask for References

When looking into a contractor always ask for references or testimonials from clients, some of these you can find on the internet as well as from the company.

Residential foundation repair can be an intensive process and must be properly performed or else significant damage can be caused to your home.  Inquire into the company’s insurance and make sure they have proof of insurance.  It may feel like you are overstepping but a reputable company will understand why you are asking.

Get Estimates

Getting an estimate will give you many of the details that may influence your decision.  For example, repair time, cost and a full look at what the experts say needs to be done to make your home safe.  The average length on a residential foundation repair can be 3 to 5 days.  This is of course can take a few more days depending on if the problems are more complex.

Do I Need Permits?

Before hiring a foundation repair specialist be sure to ask several questions regarding permits.  Do you need to acquire any?  Who is responsible for getting the permits?  How do I even go about getting a permit?  A full-service construction company will be upfront about who handles getting the permits. In most cases they will be the ones to get the permits for you.  They are experts in their field and should be well versed in knowing which permits your home will require if any and how to obtain them.

If you are seeing crack in your walls or ceilings, or your floors are squeaky when you walk on them it is most likely that your foundation needs repair.  Also be aware that if your concrete floors are cracked it is a sign that your foundation is in need of repair.  If your home was built before 1970 in California, then you are in need of an inspection.  Homes built before then are not up to current earthquake building code.

Weinstein Construction has been in business for over 40 years and is an expert in residential foundation repair.  We are committed to providing the best services in earthquake retrofitting and foundation repairs.  Keep your property safe.  Contact us to schedule a free inspection today!