Foundation issues tend to arise over time. Natural elements, age, and materials used may gradually weaken the foundation of a house.


Sometimes it’s the soil conditions, the humidity in the air, the year the house was built or the poor construction that could disturb the integrity of the base structure of the building.

SOME OF THE MOST COMMON FOUNDATION PRODUCTS ARE CREATED BY: poor drainage Bad or improperly constructed rain gutters Plumbing leaks Water contamination Inadequate soil conditions Fortunately, there are many warning signs suggesting that the structure may be compromised by foundation issues.

Some of these warning signs include cracks in the interior or exterior of the house, sloping floors, cracks in the bricks or mortar that appear to be falling, and doors or windows that appear to be stuck may all suggest problems with the foundation of the building.

Like many things in life, the earlier you can have the foundation checked, assessed and replaced, the less severe the damage will be, the lower the cost of repair.

The amount of repairs needed would depend on the type of damage sustained by the base in the house. In less severe cases, extra reinforcement may be used to strengthen the base. In extreme cases, a home might need a completely new base.

In typical cases of foundation stabilization, a foundation repair company will use the following tactics to add additional support to your existing foundation.

Helical piles: they work well to support foundations with saturated soils or lightweight structures.
Steel Piles: for foundations which sit on rocky or clay-like soils, steel piles may be used to strengthen the structure.
Slab brackets: concrete foundations with faulty concrete slabs usually require slab brackets in addition to helical stacks.
If you think your home may have issues with the foundation, it’s important to get the property checked as soon as possible. Foundation issues–left unrepaired–can escalate over time and reduce the value of your home.

Hiring a trusted foundation repair company, such as Weinstein Construction, will ensure that you and those living in your home remain safe (especially in the event of a earthquake), prevent your foundation’s problems from getting worse, reduce future costs and expenses, and help your home’s resale value.

Weinstein Construction is a Los Angeles Foundation survey, foundation builder and foundation repair specialist. Weinstein Engineering has surveyed more than 15,000 buildings, partnering with engineering firms and local engineering and safety authorities. Over the last five years, the company has made more foundation repairs in Los Angeles than any other company in the country.