Your home has all of the clues that it needs a foundation repair, the cracks, the doors and windows that are hard top open, nails are popping through the walls or maybe the floor is not level anymore.  It is time to call a residential foundation repair specialist to determine if it is a minor repair or if it is going to need a larger foundation repair.

There are different types of repairs when it comes to a home’s foundation, here is an explanation so that you have a better understanding of what your home may need.

Masonry Patches and Sealants

If you are dealing with a minor crack it can be treated with a masonry patch or sealant.  Hydraulic cement, epoxy or polyurethane are some of the sealants used in construction to apply to minor cracks.  Shrinkage cracks are caused in the slab foundation and are very common.  It is important to handle these cracks as you want to prevent water from entering the foundation.

Slab Jacking Formerly Known as Mud Jacking

Slab jacking is a process that contractors use when there is a sinking foundation.  It is filling the space under the slab so that it floats back to its original position.  The process involves drilling intentionally placed holes in the base of the concrete slab and then using portable pumps to fill the holes with a concrete mixture.

It is a common procedure in fixing sunken concrete in sidewalks and building foundations. While it is a common procedure it is one that a professional residential foundation repair specialist needs to handle.


Piering is often referred to as piling.  The process is one of using different types of steel pipe pilings to correct failing building foundations and correct foundation settlement.

Push piers consist of sections of galvanized or epoxy-coated steel pipes that are driven into the soil with a hydraulic ram.

Helical piers use screw like piles with steel shafts.  A trench is dug around the foundation and a helix plate is attached to a steel shaft that is driven into the soil.  Hydraulic jacks are attached to both types of piers to raise the foundation, and the piers are bolted or welded to wall brackets on the foundation to lock it in place.

Drilled bell piers repair the foundation in a different way than the other two options.  This pier consists of a belled shaft drilled through the foundation.  The belled shaft is filled with concrete to provide a new, solid support system.

A reliable and reputable Los Angeles foundation repair company will be able to advise on the best foundation repair for your home’s specific problems.  Every crack in a foundation has its own unique qualities and causes and the solution may be a more complex fix.  Whether it is an easy fix or a complicated fix, knowing that your foundation is repaired, and your home is safe and secure is worth the inspection.