State officials are urging homeowners in Southern California to upgrade their homes to earthquakes and get earthquake insurance.

Given the recent spike in large-scale earthquakes, both state officials and residents are taking proactive measures to protect their communities and their properties.

“Retrofitting your home is a simple step to make your life more resilient and could save you enormous hardship,” said Mark Ghilarducci, Director of the Emergency Services Office of the Governor of South Pasadena.

Earthquake retrofitting is particularly important for older homes and Soft Story apartment structures, as most of the buildings that were built over 20 years ago lack modern structural reinforcements to withstand the shaking of a large quake.

“Reducing the chance of a house falling off its foundation during the earthquake, while at the same time lowering the cost of earthquake insurance for the homeowner, is a great result,” Ghilarducci added.

Following recent quakes in Ridgecrest, the California Earthquake Authority Board of Directors voted (unanimously) to grant up to $3,000 in retrofit grants to approximately 30,000 CEA policyholders as part of the existing Brace + Bolt program of the CEA.

Prior to the vote, only 12,000 CEA policy holders were eligible to apply for the retrofit grant that was introduced earlier this year.

The CEA is a non-profit organization providing earthquake insurance while working in California to reduce the risk and loss of earthquake damage.

And as of 1 July, CEA policy holders eligible for retrofit grants may also receive an additional 25% off their CEA earthquake insurance premium when they upgrade their homes.

“Californians face the reality that an earthquake could strike at any moment,” said Ricardo Lara, the state insurance commissioner.

“Preparation and mitigation will be critical for millions of Californians living in homes that are not built to cope with a major quake,” he added.

The Brace + Bolt program will provide eligible policyholders with $3,000 to $3,500 grants for their first-come first-serve upgrades.

If you own an older home or building in California, the property may lack modern seismic reinforcements. Retrofitting Earthquake will protect your property from damage and/or destruction during a major earthquake and ensure the safety of those living there.

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