Foundation repair is a challenging job. Foundation repair specialists usually have a ton of experience before they can attain some credibility.

When you hire professionals to take a look at the foundation of your house and diagnose any problems, you must know the right questions to ask.

There are things that no foundation repair contractor will tell you unless you ask. The answers to these questions often decide if you actually end up hiring that contractor.

There are specific answers to these questions based on which you should make your ultimate hiring decision. Some of the most important questions to ask your foundation repair specialists are:

Are you insured?

You never know how important this is until something wrong with the job and you have to bear the cost. When the contractor is insured, if anything goes wrong at the job site, it’s their responsibility.

Regardless of how easy your job may seem, never hire someone uninsured. Always ask for documentary proof to make sure the contractor is actually insured.

Are you licensed?

This he is often more important than insurance because if a contractor is not licensed to perform any kind of construction job in your region then you can land in trouble for hiring them.

Remember that any work done by someone unlicensed should be pulled down and redone by a licensed professional.

When shortlisting contractors for your residential foundation repair make sure to check documentary proof registration number and other things that prove the company is licensed the perform repairs in your region.

How many people work in your team?

If the foundation repair specialists you are planning to hire have a small bunch of people working for them you can be sure but it’s going to take a long time to finish up the work. The larger the number of workers, the sooner you can expect your work to be done.

Don’t forget to find out if every worker is licensed and insured. It isn’t wise to have uninsured workers for a construction job.

What is your BBB rating?

The Better Business Bureau has quite an accurate rating for businesses. If the company has a poor BBB rating or doesn’t exist on BBB at all, it probably isn’t worth your time, even if the service is cheap.

What is your warranty?

A stellar contractor will always put a warranty on their services. If there is no warranty, they are probably not confident of the work they do. That’s just logical right?