As a homeowner, it is important to take any signs of foundation problems seriously.

Foundation issues may cause structural damage inside your home and, if left unchecked and unrepaired, they can be very costly to fix.

If you’re worried about the problems of the foundation in your house, first you’ll want to check the foundation of your home for any obvious issues, then you’ll want to contact the foundation repair expert to perform a qualified home foundation inspection. Once a diagnosis has been made, you’ll want to go over the types of issues facing the base of your home and ask for a quote for those repairs.

Unfortunately, the problems of the foundation will occur at any time and in any house. Although various factors may contribute to basic issues (such as poor soil conditions, bad or obsolete construction methods, plumbing leaks or poor drainage, tree roots near the home or natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods), water / moisture is the number one factor that typically causes root problems in the home.

Excessive moisture under your home or lack of moisture can cause soil under the house to expand or shrink, both of which lead to instability in the foundation.

When the soil under your home becomes unstable, it can cause instability in the base, causing the foundation to settle unevenly. When this occurs, you will find damage to the structure, significant cracks and, as a result, a drop in the value of your home.

Here are common basic issue warning signs: walls moving Separation around house doors, windows and walls Cracked bricks or mortar Cracked or broken foundation Doors or windows that lock or become misaligned Cracks in the interior floors Cracked or sloping floors The forms of foundation cracks that result from settlement are usually vertical and broader in nature. If you’re still uncertain that cracks in your home are the result of foundation issues, keep track of them, and if they get bigger in size, it’s time to contact a foundation repair company.

When it comes to concrete foundation repair, the most common methods used are slab jacking, which pumps a cement groove under a slab or beam into designed holes to restore the base to its original level, or piercing, which is a process that inserts steel posts in the poor soil to lift and strengthen the concrete slabs.

At Weinstein Building, we’re going to help you find the best solution to your foundation issues. First, we will perform a (free) comprehensive home inspection, followed by a thorough consultation, and at the conclusion of our chat, we will provide you with a quote for repairs.

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