Los Angeles residents must face earthquake reality!

As we approach the three-year anniversary of the 2019 Ridgecrest Earthquake, we feel it is our duty yet again to bring to everyone’s attention the incredible danger that we all live under, in the Greater Los Angeles area.  Of course, this is the threat of another big earthquake shattering the calm of our sunny city.

The Ridgecrest earthquake’s mainshock was 7.1 on the Richter Scale.  The energy and seismic wave that was released by that tremor was really unimaginable.  This type of a quake can break chimneys, overturn heavy furniture, shift a home’s foundation, and cause considerable damage to vulnerable homes, especially those that are not retrofitted.  In fact, the Ridgecrest earthquake was felt strongly across Southern California, and was the strongest to happen in this part of the State since the 1999 M7.1 Hector Mine earthquake.

Will there be another Los Angeles earthquake?

Yes, of course, without a doubt!  Let’s say this again:  there is no shadow of a doubt that Southern California will get hit with another large earthquake.  The question everyone should be asking is different.  The question should be, and always is:  are we prepared for the next “Big One”?

Scientists already told us in a new study published a couple of years ago, that the Ridgecrest earthquake brought the Garlock Fault much closer to a rupture, and that means that the new odds are that a large earthquake there is now 100 times more likely.  And that possibility has a knock-on effect – it actually means that the chance of a large quake on the San Andreas Fault (yes, the one that comes within 35 miles of downtown Los Angeles) has essentially tripled!   And, just in case anyone forgot, the San Andreas fault is the one that can unleash a “Megaquake” in our lifetime!

What do I do to prepare for the next Earthquake?

Well, no one should panic, but still, top seismologists and building scientists all agree that there is an urgent need to retrofit homes and commercial buildings against the destructive effects of earthquakes.  There is also widespread, universal agreement that without earthquake retrofitting, vulnerable buildings can experience catastrophic structural failures that may threaten life and property.  So, this means that homeowners in the Greater Los Angeles area should not take a chance, and should hire earthquake retrofitting experts such as Weinstein Construction, to help retrofit and secure their homes to their foundations, so that they don’t just slide off during an earthquake!

Can my home withstand an earthquake?

Good question!  If your home has not been retrofitted, it may not stand up to an earthquake!  Why not get some professional earthquake retrofitting advice?  Since 1977, Weinstein Construction’s team of experienced retrofit specialists have provided homeowners residing in “Earthquake Country” with more than 75,000 free inspections, and they have also successfully retrofitted over 7,000 buildings!

Are you worried about inflation?

We all have heard about how inflation is raising prices on every consumer service known to mankind, and yes, it’s all true.  But here at Weinstein Construction, beginning May 1, 2022, and for a very limited time, we put a price freeze on our earthquake retrofitting services (while all our competitors have raised their prices!).  At the same time, we also decided to provide all new and returning customers with a minimum $300 special price reduction off our list price only for the month of May, 2022 to make retrofitting even more affordable to all homeowners!

call Weinstein Construction today at (818) 717-7020 to schedule a no obligation, free home inspection and estimate.  Be prepared and have peace of mind when the next “Big One” hits!

A special note on Caissons, and Caisson Shoring

Caissons and drilled piers are a type foundation that are built deep into the ground, and are used to protect and support vulnerable homes or commercial buildings.  Caissons and drilled piers are incredibly important in the construction of hillside homes or any type of a structure that is built on an “active” soil such that it can sink or slide (e.g., during an earthquake, mudslide, or landslide).

If such support is needed for your building, you must only hire an experienced caissons construction company to build caissons, that has the right equipment and materials on-hand.  Not every Los Angeles construction company has the right experience, equipment, and materials necessary to build caissons.  The good news is that Weinstein Construction professionals are expert caisson builders, and can design caissons to fit all budgets!  If you are interested in learning more about caissons and drilled piers, call Weinstein Construction today at (818) 717-7020 to schedule a no obligation, free home inspection and estimate.