If you’re searching for residential foundation repair, it’s likely you’re concerned about your home’s foundation. Before you get anxious about the worsening condition of your home foundation, and begin to act impetuously, let’s get into some of the details of foundation issues and solutions.

When you’ve spent so much time and money buying your house, it can be distressing to find foundation issues. Especially because foundation issues can lead to all kinds of other problems in your house. Foundation repair specialists can rescue you from major problems that might occur due to foundation settling.

Foundation repair specialists reveal the main causes of the problem.

There isn’t just one reason why foundation settlement occurs. It could be from natural or artificial forces, soil expansion or contraction, movement in soil layer. Even poor maintenance can be the culprit behind the foundation settlement.

Timely repair and maintenance can prevent your foundation from getting worse. Sometimes the need for residential foundation repair can’t be avoided. Learning about foundation repair methods can help you decide  whether it’s time to support or replace a damaged foundation.

Differences between steel pressed piling, concrete piling, and bell bottom piling.

Piering or piling is one of the solutions to foundation settlement when the damage is significant.

Steel pressed piling is a method where galvanized steel pipes are pushed into the ground by a hydraulic ram. For installation of the piers a trench is dug around the residential foundation repair site. A steel shaft that is attached and the pile is bolted or welded to the foundation to give it stability.

These piers can hold up against heavy weight in comparison to concrete piers. Concrete piling is, however, a simpler method.

Concrete piling may not be as effective as steel piling.  It doesn’t require heavy equipment to push it into the soil. It can easily fill into the hole dug upon the weaker part of the foundation.

In case of bell bottom piers a bell-shaped shaft is drilling inside the structure. Later we give the space concrete for strength and stability. This is a very effective but time consuming method of foundation repair.

Slab Jacking is another solution to foundation problems and it is relatively cheaper. It does require specialized tools and also needs meticulous care during the process.